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The most complete full range solution for your checkout zone

The SLIM family is the most complete full range solution for setting up your checkout zone. Thanks to the modular design, based on years of experience and development, the various checkout, self-scan and self-service solutions seamlessly meet the needs of every retailer. Whether it concerns payment points in your supermarket, a small city store or setting up the layout of a complete front-end, the SLIM will make it possible.


The possibilities with the SLIM is close to endless thanks to the modular design of the solutions in the entire family line. This gives the flexibility to seamlessly integrate the various solutions into your front end. By choosing the right furniture mix, it is possible to meet the needs of any customer type or store concept. This makes the family line ideal for integrating into various market segments, including supermarkets, non-food Retail, garden centers and hardware stores. From traditional checking out to self-scan and self-service, the SLIM family can take on any challenge.


Avoid problematic hardware integration by choosing for the SLIM. As a hardware independent solution, the most common hardware, including PCs, scanners, pin terminals and receipt printers on the market, have been taken into account during the design process. In addition, new solutions can be flexibly applied thanks to the modular construction, which makes it easier to fit in future hardware.


Due to the increasing demand for brand experience in the Retail environment, your checkout zone deserves more attention than ever. In addition to a good appearance, a solution that perfectly fits your concept and corporate identity leads to a better shopping experience. To cater for this the SLIM’s modular design is ready for various customisation options. Using different shapes, colors and material , the SLIM can be personalised to match the look & feel you want, enabling you to create your checkout zone.

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The SLIM product line has been developed to offer a solution for every Retail environment. The full spectrum of front-end furniture gives you maximum freedom to arrange your store according to the wishes of you and your customers. In addition, the modular components are designed in such a way that future developments of the SLIM, such as IoT technologies, can be applied smoothly and quickly. This allows your Front-End to be extended or adapted whenever you want.

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