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Traditional & Selfcheckout in one at SPAR

SPAR Lambrechts was looking for a way to implement self-checkouts in their stores. Pan Oston thought along with reseller Gondella in the development of a new checkout zone for the pilot store of SPAR in Helchteren.

The supermarket in Helchteren served as a pilot for the new checkout zone of SPAR. This store had two challenges. First of all, it was not profitable in this SPAR to have two staff members working full time in the checkout zone. Still, the supermarket wanted multiple checkout points so that customer flow would be smooth. Therefore, SPAR was keen to implement self-scanning checkouts. Here immediately a second challenge arose: the supermarket in Helchteren only had a limited area for the checkout zone, so it was not possible to create a traditional checkout zone and self-scanning zone. Therefore, in the new checkout zone, the traditional checkout had to be combined with the modern self-scanning checkout.

About SPAR
0 Countries SPAR one of the largest food retailers in the world with a presence in 48 countries.
0+ Years Adriaan van Well, an innovative Dutch wholesaler with a clear vision opened the first SPAR in 1932
0+ Lambrechts Group A franchisee of SPAR, the Lambrechts Group has been a retailer since 1921 and has more than 300 locations
0+ Shops SPAR has 13,900 shops worldwide
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SPAR Lambrechts and reseller Gondella asked Pan Oston to assist in the development of this new checkout zone. Both checkouts had to be implemented in one zone for the optimal customer journey. Fast checkout, minimal errors and a good customer experience were key. Pan Oston gave SPAR Lambrechts an advice that exactly fitted this request: one traditional checkout and one SLIM Merge checkout. This smart solution and the sleek design of the checkout furniture were immediately appreciated!


The SLIM Merge is a checkout that combines the traditional cash register with a self checkout. By using the Merge, customers can choose: checkout themselves or at a cashier. The cashier operating the SLIM Merge can at the same time assist with the two integrated self checkouts. Indeed, due to the Merge's long supply belt, it is feasible to manage the peaks in customer flow with only one checkout counter. Because the self-scanning checkouts are attached to the other side of the furniture, a checkout clerk can easily and quickly assist self-scanning customers with questions.


In the meantime, this solution has been implemented at SPAR Helchteren, but what is the concrete result?

• Increasing the number of checkout points (50% traditional, 50% self scan);

• Reduction of the waiting time for customers;

• Improvement of the service level;

• Improvement in customer satisfaction.

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