Pan Oston focuses on food and non-food retail businesses, petrol stations, bakeries, quick-service restaurants and food service, with high-quality and innovative checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions.
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Convenience shopping at Petrol Stations has increased in popularity in the last decade. Modern petrol station shops now offer a wide range of breakfast, grab & go and fresh food. Supporting this service-orientated change, digital self-service can provide a new way to pick up, buy and pay for products, making petrol station shops futureproof convenience stores.
/ Bakeries


Start serving customers in your bakery with our self-service bakery kiosks. Our kiosks and bakery counters deliver an efficient, fast and friendly customer experience. The customised self-ordering kiosks will help you to increase your sales and improve the customer flow in your bakery shop/store.
/ Food & Self-ordering


Foodservice has made a significant transformation with the introduction of self-order terminals. Self-service kiosks are especially popular within the fast-food scene; everyone knows how to use them, giving customers the freedom to order how and what they want. But you do not have to be a major chain to use food ordering kiosks; you can also use self-service in your restaurant!
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When it comes to checkout, transactions, and information, the retail landscape is transitioning towards greater convenience, flexibility, speed, independence, and customer control over their shopping experience. Pan Oston has been a specialist in customer interaction systems for the retail sector, both food and non-food, since 1969 and is at the forefront of new developments around checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions for retailers.
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