Pan Oston designs, produces and installs checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions that fit seamlessly into the store formula. In addition to the many tailor made solutions, Pan Oston has three product family lines, each with their own unique characteristics, that help you optimize each customer interaction.

One BLUE FIRE Element Tailor Made

One Checkout Family

The ONE is a user-friendly checkout that is designed according to the latest trends and regulations. The additional family line completes the ONE, making it able to be fully integrated into any market or store without a problem.

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BLUE FIRE Interactive Kiosk

The extremely flexible BLUE FIRE simplifies self-service. The unique design ensures interaction in a fast and intuitive way that turns almost every visitor into a self-reliant consumer.

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Element Checkout Family

With more than 10 years of development, the Element Family is reliable in every conceivable Retail situation. The Element excels in many situations and concepts, for instance: a supermarket, non-food store, Cash & Carry, garden center or DIY store.

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Tailor Made

For various reasons, a standard solution might not cut it to distinguish yourself on the market. A tailor-made solution offers the solution to this issue. Pan Oston can develop your specific solution from beginning to end with the same efficient process as our standard products are created. Due to our years of experience, we know how to support you at an early stage in the development of checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions. And with our in-house design, engineering, production and installation, we keep communication lines short, to ensure that changes happen quickly and resources are uses efficient.

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