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In a constantly evolving world with changing market conditions and rising customer expectations, innovative solutions are required to meet these challenges and delight customers. BLUE FIRE self-service kiosks deliver exceptional interactive experiences to customers and enhanced capabilities for businesses while being adaptable enough to help you remain ready for the future. As an innovative self-service kiosk solution with a subtle yet modern design, the BLUE FIRE is a popular choice for a wide range of applications. Whether it is within a retail setting, QSR restaurant or a hospitality/leisure environment, the BLUE FIRE is always at home and ready to offer an exceptional self-service solution.


·The Red Dot Design award-winning BLUE FIRE self-service kiosk is ready to enhance your customer interactions, deliver great service and help you to increase your sales. The BLUE FIRE’s strikingly unique design gains the attention of your customers before providing them with an exceptional customer experience that they will want to return to your business for. If you are looking for a self-service kiosk that can delight your customers and boost your business, the BLUE FIRE is a great choice. Its great design is matched by brilliant branding options. Easily apply your corporate identity/branding to the BLUE FIRE with sublimination or wrapping. Whether you want to add your corporate colours, images, or advertising to the body of your self-service solution, the BLUE FIRE can do it all.


Easy Service’ text might read better as ‘Service-friendliness is at the heart of the BLUE FIRE self-service kiosk family. We designed the BLUE FIRE to be a leading easy to service self-service solution for businesses. It has never been so easy to replace components or perform a regular service/maintenance task on a self-service kiosk. Its smart design ensures that almost every component is accessible from the front of the kiosk. Service technicians can easily access the operating system and other crucial components when completing maintenance tasks.


The BLUE FIRE self-service kiosk family has been designed so that its base configuration can be adapted to suit the needs of every business across a wide range of sectors. Whoever your end user is, the BLUE FIRE is ready to deliver an exceptional customer experience for them. The smart and modular integration of hardware components and software makes it possible to provide your customers with an excellent and entirely unique experience. It’s unique and modern design also makes the BLUE FIRE a firm favourite for Omni channel integration in any organisation. Whether you require a self-service solution for retail, food-ordering in a restaurant, hospitality & leisure or your business, the BLUE FIRE family has a great solution for you.

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Why you should be using self-service kiosks

In a society that is becoming ever-more self-sufficient, self-service solutions are becoming expected by a significant number of customers. Whether a customer is doing their weekly shopping, ordering food at a fast-food restaurant, checking into a hotel, registering an event or pre-ordering a product, self-service kiosks are at the heart of their customer experience. As customers are becoming accustomed to on-demand service, self-service kiosks are becoming essential to meeting their expectations. Adopting self-service kiosks can help you not only meet but also exceed customer expectations by delivering a fast and fuss-free customer experience that appeals to all. Why not discover more about how the award-winning BLUE FIRE self-service kiosks can help your business delight its customers?

Our BLUE FIRE interactive kiosks are modular, modern and software & hardware independent. They offer a quality self-service experience to your customers and valuable opportunities to you as a business to boost sales with intelligent up-selling and cross-selling. BLUE FIRE kiosks are also a sustainable solution that requires minimal maintenance and is effortless to implement with plug & play capability. By choosing BLUE FIRE, you gain a quality self-service solution and the ultimate flexibility to choose the hardware and software that suits your business and its requirements including freedom to choose touchscreens, operating systems, and receipt printers among many others.

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