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Xenos Hoog Catharijne in new look with Go-Go drinks -bubble tea bar

Xenos are an established Dutch retail brand with 150 shops/stores across the Netherlands. Their retail formula has become well known across the country and started with the P. de Gruyter & zn. grocery formula, which involved importing rare items from the Far East. Xenos’s presence has now grown to serve most of the Netherlands and includes a strong online shop. Xenos specialises in living, dining, food, and drink ranges.

After many years of absence from Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht, Xenos have opened a new XL shop/store. The store is situated in a beautiful location and its design incorporates learnings from extensive testing and pilot stores in Leidschendam and Breda. These learnings have come together to create an innovative and exciting new retail concept.

The new Hoog Catharijne store has a colourful design and a welcoming layout with retail space that presents a great range of food and non-food items for customers to enjoy at competitive prices. Xeno’s new bubble tea bar, GoGo Drinks, is situated at the entrance to the store and capitalises on bubble tea’s rise in popularity. The bubble tea trend first emerged in Taiwan and has taken the Netherlands and much of Europe by storm. Customers can enjoy tea with a fruity or milky flavour with cheerful colours and beautiful bubbles.

Self-Checkouts That Suit Xenos’ Style

Xenos have chosen Pan Oston’s ever-popular SLIM family of self-checkouts to power the self-checkout zone in their new Hoog Catharijne store. Following on from its successful trial in Xenos’ pilot stores, the SLIM SCO was a clear choice for the checkout zone. Xenos’ new XL store is equipped with four SLIM SCO self-checkouts which help customers complete the checkout process their way. The SLIM self-checkouts have been expertly customised to seamlessly integrate into the design and customer experience that Xenos are well known for.

It was important that the chosen self-checkouts were able to match Xenos’ corporate identity. We delivered a self-checkout design and interface that matches this identity and supports the delivery of an optimal customer shopping experience. By providing a great customer journey and a unique shopping experience, the self-checkouts are set to become firm favourites among their customer base. Customers that decide not to use self-checkouts can instead use the two traditional in-store checkouts where they can checkout the traditional way.

Self-Ordering Kiosks For Xenos’ GoGo Drinks

Enjoying a brilliant bubble tea on the go is quick and hassle-free at GoGo Drinks. Xenos have made ordering bubble tea even easier than usual by introducing self-ordering kiosks to take customer orders in a fast and user-friendly way. We delivered two ESSENCE Express SCO self-ordering kiosks that can guide customers through the process of creating their dream bubble tea. At each self-ordering kiosk Xenos customers can choose from a brilliant range of drinks on-screen, place their order and pay. Customer orders are then sent directly from the self-service ordering kiosk to the bubble tea bar where they are freshly prepared. After collecting their order, GoGo Drinks customers are free to enjoy their drink in the attractive bubble tea bar and can even take a fun selfie at the Insta column.

The self-ordering kiosks retain the natural inspired look that features throughout the Xenos store with a wooden frames that surround each kiosk. The naturally inspired appearance makes the kiosks a perfect match for the GoGo Drinks bar.

About Xenos

Xenos are an established Dutch retailer with 150 shops/stores across the Netherlands. Their well-known retail formula has been carefully developed since 1973. Xenos’ success started with the P. de Gruyter & zn. grocery formula, which involved importing rare items from the Far East. The imported items were not available elsewhere and introduced fun, tasty and different choices to Dutch consumers. Xenos has grown to serve much of the Netherlands with a strong online presence. Their distribution centre in Waalwijk supplies Xenos shops across the Netherlands with exciting products every day.

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Xenos Hoog Catharijne
Xenos Hoog Catharijne
Xenos Hoog Catharijne
Xenos Hoog Catharijne
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