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Quick and authentic street food dishes at Pad Thai

Pad Thai serve modern and exciting Thai street food within their fast ‘to go concept’. They currently operate a total of eight restaurants across the Netherlands that are all passionate about serving delicious Thai dishes. Pad Thai have embraced the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant Concept) to ensure that they quickly and consistently serve popular Thai noodle dishes, snacks, and drinks. Customers at Pad Thai are able to enjoy great food without the fuss or hassle of having to wait in a long queue.

Fast Food Self-Service Kiosk For Fast Ordering

Pan Oston collaborated with their trusted partner, Leqqr to develop an ordering and payment solution for Pad Thai that delivers the fast food ordering experience that customers of a QSR expect. At the entrance to a Pad Thai restaurant customers are greeted by three striking yet inviting fast food self-service kiosks from our award-winning BLUE FIRE product family.

Pad Thai customers can place their food order at any of the three food kiosks using their preferred payment method. For customer convenience and accessibility, one of the three food ordering kiosks supports cash payments. The remaining two kiosks take card and contactless payments.Once a food order has been placed at one of the kiosks, it is transferred into the Pad Thai order management system. At this point the order will immediately appear on a display in the kitchen so it can be freshly prepared. This smooth fast food ordering process helps Pad Thai customers enjoy fresh Thai food without a long wait.

Seamless Customer Journey Powered By Our Innovative Food Kiosks

Pad Thai have chosen our incredibly versatile and innovative food kiosk, the BLUE FIRE fast order. As a popular food kiosk, it integrates seamlessly into a range of restaurants including Pad Thai’s modern Thai restaurants.

By choosing our BLUE FIRE fast order kiosk, Pad Thai have benefited from a fast food self-service kiosks that has been specifically designed for QSR’s. Its standout features include a premium touchscreen, seamlessly integrated hardware, a suite of payment hardware options and clever connectivity. The fast order kiosk is also helpfully hardware and software independent, which gives restaurants true flexibility to use the systems and software that will work best for them.

Our fast food self-service kiosks take pride of place at the heart of the Pad Thai concept and offer a fast and inviting customer experience for hungry customers. The intelligent link that each food kiosk maintains to the Pad Thai kitchen delivers lightning-fast food preparation and fast delivery to the food counter. Each customer is helpfully notified on an order screen as soon as their Thai dish is ready to enjoy. This seamless food ordering experience and customer journey puts their delicious food in the spotlight.

About Pad Thai

Pad Thai are a modern and exciting chain of Thai fast-food restaurants with eight restaurants across the Netherlands. They love serving delicious Thai food to hungry customers. At Pad Thai, customers enjoy an exciting range of authentic Thai street food including their signature product, Pad Thai noodles. Their menu offers a great range of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose their signature Pad Thai noodles, a delicious curry, or a Thai style snack there is something for every Thai food fan to enjoy. Their delicious food is freshly prepared in an authentic way.

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