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Globus Markthallen, a leading German retailer, acquired eighteen stores from German department store REAL in 2020. Following this important acquisition, they were looking to transform the former REAL stores into their own retail formula. This presented a great opportunity for them to rework the front end in each store which included their supermarket checkouts and instore checkout counters. Globus Markthallen then approached Pan Oston to provide an innovative checkout solution as part of the tender process.Following a successful tender bid, the supermarket checkout and checkout counter specialists at Pan Oston developed a flexible modular solution featuring the popular SLIM checkout family.

Flexible And Modular Supermarket Checkouts

Many retailers favour a modular solution when it comes to supermarket checkouts. It provides unrivalled flexibility and enables the final solution to perfectly match retail requirements. At Pan Oston, we are well known for our modular checkout and self-checkout solutions and were able to develop a modular supermarket checkout solution for Globus Markhallen.

Globus Markthallen’s checkout solution features our popular SLIM checkouts, which have been adopted by growing retailers internationally. The modular nature of the SLIM checkout empowered our specialists to perfectly match the customer specification. Every supermarket checkout is hardware independent and software independent, which gives retailers the flexibility to either integrate existing systems or choose from a diverse range of hardware options. The SLIM checkouts modern and modular design is completely aligned with the design and feel that is a key part of Globus Markthallen stores.

About Globus
0 XL Supermarkets Globus has 65 XL supermarkets in Germany
0 Employees Its more than 20.000 employees and 600 trainees are ready to serve customers every day.
0 Products Globus' wide product range accommodates 50.000 to 100.000 items per market.
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High Quality Ergonomic Supermarket Checkouts

The very first prototype SLIM Checkout that we delivered to Globus Markthallen impressed their team. Its high quality and intelligent ergonomics were winning features. Globus Martkthallen prioritise ergonomics in-store as they strive to provide a comfortable and positive working environment for employees that run their checkouts.Our specialists are particularly skilled at integrating great ergonomics into every supermarket checkout and self-checkout solution that we deliver. Prominent ergonomic features include a comfortable sitting and standing height, sufficient foot and knee space to enable easy chair rotation and carefully limited reaching distances to prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Close Collaboration Delivers Great Checkout Counters & Supermarket Checkouts

Our specialists collaborated closely with the Globus Markhallen team to achieve branch delivery times and key installation dates. This close collaboration was able to deliver great checkout counters and supermarket checkouts that delighted everyone involved. The Pan Oston project management team maintained timely communications with Globus Markhallen throughout the project, ensuring that opening dates were met.The results of the close collaboration were soon apparent, as the revamped stores/shops welcomed record numbers of customers on their opening days.

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