Pan Oston is keen to add singularity to your business operations. At Pan Oston, we bring new ideas to life pragmatically. Read more >>


From our base in Raalte and other production sites in Eastern Europe, we supply checkouts to retailers throughout Europe. Raalte is at the heart of our operations. This is home to designers and engineers, as well as our panelling workshop, the powder-coating facility and assembly site. Everything is under a single roof and, thanks to short lines of communication. Read more >>


Pan Oston strives towards perfection in service provision Our 125 members of staff are passionate about bringing about success for our clients and Pan Oston. They are at the very top of their profession and work with commitment and pride to bring about a diversity of products and services for our clients. A culture that we nurture. Read more >>


A healthy society is essential For this reason we invest in corporate social responsibility. Not only do our products seamlessly meet the needs of our clients, they also spare the environment. A hot issue at Pan Oston is sustainability. Respect for each other, and efficient business operations, also make a valid contribution to our CSR policy. Read more >>


As a retail Checkout specialist, with a passion for new challenges, we aim to bring about realistic solutions to maximise the throughput efficiency for your payment processes. We develop and produce the most creative, innovative and profitable products of their kind for retailers.


Production of checkouts takes place in-house, and on-site installation is carried out by our very own service technicians. Our team are responsible for all stages in the process, from conceptual design, right through to installation. The conceptual plans produced by our designers provide


Our dedicated and expertly qualified network of partners are the eyes and ears of Pan Oston in the local markets. A major advantage is that our distributors not only understand the needs of our local clients, they are also able to see the opportunities for Pan Oston products internationally.


Pan Oston is an active player in the employment market, and always looking for enthusiastic people to join us. We welcome open letters of application. We provide youngsters a chance to gain experience though in-company training programmes, or a final-year study project.