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OV Chip Kiosk

Together with our partner Prodata Mobility Systems Pan Oston developed and produced a completely new outdoor payment terminal for public transport. After an extensive design study regarding use, weather conditions, ergonomics and vandalism, a check-in and check-out point for public transport was developed that is well known by Dutch train passengers now.

Controlling the influence of weather was an important part of the development process for these payment terminals. The terminal, all its hardware and software, had to be able to breathe through a grid, whilst sustaining harsh weather conditions like rain and hail. To overcome this, Pan Oston has specially developed a membrane filter that “sealed” the terminal but would give it enough air to cool the hardware inside. The next big challenge was taking vandalism into account as the terminals would be placed in public areas. To secure a solid terminal the housing was tested on numerous of IK and IP classification.

The service and ease of maintenance of the terminal were important criteria for ProData. That is why the terminal was developed in such a way that a service technician can solve the malfunction in a split second. Thanks to the removable cover of the terminal, with integrated hardware and software, the plug and play module can be replaced in one go. Because this is the case, service takes hardly any time ensuring that the terminal has a high degree of up-time allowing the terminal to be ready to use for passengers.
OV checkin pilon on the trainstation
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